About la mash

2014 “la mash” was founded by keyborder and composer Markus Nowak as a project for timeless, melody driven music between lounge, chillout, ambient, electronic and dance with jazz elements.

The first release will be the song “Fly away” on the 18th of August.
It is a collaboration with the Hamburg based singer Melanie Stahlkopf, with whom the song was composed and produced.

The collaboration between various guest-musicians and singers, like Melanie Stahlkopf (Hamburg, voice of the “Royal Gigolos”), Pittie Hecht ( Hannover, percussionist “Scorpions”), Lars Dittrich (Dresden, Sax player and composer) and many more, brings many different colors into the musical developement.

Music for the sake of music, not following trends, songs which are timeless, relaxing and melodic.
A gentle and inspiring interplay of up- and downbeat, forte and piano, creating emotions.

Production and recording of the songs are done in the studio in Berlin.